A Bintel Brief

Episode 10: "Heartbroken Bubbe"

Episode Summary

In the last episode of Bintel Season 1, Lynn and Ginna help a grandmother distraught by the news that her daughter might not raise her granddaughter in a Jewish tradition. Tema Smith of 18Doors and Sharon Goldtzvik of Uprise join for a conversation about Jewish continuity. Have your own spin on this week's question? Agree or disagree with Bintel's advice? Share your feedback with us at bintel@forward.com.

Episode Notes

Starting in 1906, the editors of the Forward answered reader questions in a column called “A Bintel Brief,” Yiddish for “a bundle of letters.” Now, we're bringing Bintel into a new era. Welcome to “A Bintel Brief,” the Jewish advice podcast. This week, in the tenth and final episode of the season, the hosts advise a grandmother struggling to form a relationship to her new granddaughter, who will be raised in an interfaith family. Ginna and Lynn are joined once again by Tema Smith of 18Doors and Sharon Goldtzvik of Uprise.

Send your dilemmas about Jewish-American life, identity, culture, politics or your personal hopes and dreams to bintel@forward.com, or leave a voicemail at (201) 540-9728.

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